Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Academy

The Illume Academy is for organisations that need to upskill individuals, teams and organisations to improve delivery management capability.

Our goal is to help your people deliver projects better by offering an accessible way to develop their capability based on the tried and tested methods that have successfully supported our clients globally.

Getting Started

  • The Illume Academy has been created to help people and organisations deliver projects better.

    It is aimed to assist team leaders, executives and teams who have been tasked with delivering a project or key outcome but don’t necessarily have a strong background in project management.

  • The Illume Academy is for businesses or business leaders than need to upskill individuals, teams and organisations to improve delivery management capability.

    Our goal is to optimise the delivery of projects and initiatives in your organisation by offering an accessible way to develop the skill, knowledge and capability to deliver projects better.

    Our training methods, techniques and frameworks have been tried and tested and successfully delivered to organisations globally.

  • You will need a licence in order to access the online content. To register for a trial licence, please complete the request form below. 

Program overview

  • The Illume Group has been helping organisations develop their delivery capability for years.

    Experienced consultants, facilitators, advisors and coaches have collaborated to co-design this innovative and market leading approach. Our courses support you and your organisation to meet the demands of modern workforces.

  • Access to the platform provides you with a great range of videos, how to guides, templates, checklists and tips and tricks to support you.

    These practical resources help you navigate and acquire the knowledge and skills to improve your project delivery skills.

  • The Illume Academy is a training service offered by the Illume Group. The Illume Group are specialists in project delivery, developing people and business transformation.

    To learn more about how they help people and organisations like you, click here.

  • Our course includes a set of programs and courses curated to your needs with:

    – essentials and deep dive videos to learn the new ways-of-work,
    – downloadable guides, tools and templates for application and use in your workplace, and
    – a glossary and library for reference as you develop and improve your team’s way-of-work.

    We also offer augmented capability with:

    – blended face-to-face sessions to learn more and apply the skills to your specific work situation, and
    – coaching packages to support your people so that the new way-of-work is embedded and sustained beyond the training.

  • It is aimed to support business teams, management and their executives improve delivery capability.

    Specifically, we can help team leaders, subject matter experts or team members, that have been tasked with delivering a project or key outcomes but don’t have a strong background in project management.

    Project professionals have found great value in our training as we integrate Agile ways of working into our project delivery methods. Seasoned project managers and project professionals such as change managers and business analysts have upskilled their knowledge to support modern ways of working.

  • All our training courses and programs are easily customised. We can offer a curated course or an individual journey that supports where your organisation is on the journey.

    To make it easier for you, our courses are structured as independent modules with key learning points that can stand alone as individual sessions.

  • Absolutely. Please click here to to register interest in our programs. Equally, if you would like one of the team to call, please complete the enquiry form here.

Support / Training

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  • Yes. If you would like some additional coaching support, beyond what’s online, please fill out the form below and one of our team will contact you.